Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In the Beginning....

Jan 26, 2012 - Before braces.

Just got these pics from the orthodontist of my initial consultation.  I highly recommend Dr. Cheek-Hill and her staff they are amazing.  As you can see my teeth alone were not that bad.  My bite is the cause of all my problems. The pictures do not show the severity of my open, cross, overbite. 

 This double jaw surgery will allow me to sleep without my tongue blocking my airway at night (obstructive sleep apnea) and prevent me from putting too much pressure on my back molars.  The fillings you see are from my early childhood and after a couple replacement fillings the teeth are weakened and cracked because of the clinching I unknowingly do when I am stressed and at rest.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And so it begins...


February, 2012:
Upper and Lower braces to straighten my teeth in preparation for double jaw surgery.

August 21, 2012, 9 am:
My second appointment with Dr. Turvey at UNC School of Dentistry.  His specialization is Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, he is supposed to be the best in the area, so I am putting my face in his hands.   After review of x-rays and completion of Sleep Study, Dr. Turvey stated he would submit a letter to my insurance for pre-authorization of double jaw surgery. Surgery date set for February 20, 2013.

                     1pm- began stalking blogs of others who have or are going through double jaw surgery
                               and filling my bookmark folder with favorites.

Thurs., Oct. 25, 2012:

Received a call from the representative at my surgeons office (bless her heart! I think she needs a vacation.)  She stated my insurance co. would not pre-authorize this type of surgery, but they did pre-authorized my in-patient hospital stay (what?!?!)  I called my insurance company for a clearer explanation and was told they actually had pre-authorized the surgery and hospital stay and that I would be receiving a letter to state this.

Today... November 7, 2012
  • Still haven't received said letter of "Pre-Authorization" from the insurance company so not feeling very confident.  
  • Still stalking blogs and feeling a little more like I can do this and it will be o.k.  

Would love to hear from anyone who has gone through this surgery at UNC with Dr. Turvey.