Sunday, March 24, 2013

4 Weeks and 4 days post op

My attempt to smile.  A natural smile is still impossible because of numbness.

I just realized I don't think I have shown you a side profile before or after ... when you have "chin issues" you never truly allow or show profile pictures.. after surgery this is where the most dramatic difference is seen.  I'll see if I can dig up a before profile picture... I know the surgeon took profile pictures... will see if he will share.

At 4 weeks and 4 days:
WEIGHT: still 10 lb weight loss total.  Appetite is definitely back so I don't anticipate any more.  Dr. encouraged me to gain some of that back... Ha! For those having this surgery your body truly needs a lot of calories to heal.  I will make a list of my favorite meals/snacks soon.
PAIN: I haven't had to take anything stronger than Ibuprofen since about day 8 for pain.  I did take Tylenol with codeine 1 time this week when I had really bad nerve pain around my chin and nose/cheeks combined with a horrible headache.   
SWELLING: significantly reduced..still a little around my nose and chin.  
NUMBNESS: First I must say it no longer feels like anything is sitting on my face :)
 I would estimate I have 70% feeling back around my nose/cheeks and upper lip.  I am still completely numb from my bottom lip to bottom of chin at jaw line.  I have no numbness under my chin.  My gums are still mostly numb. Outer gums are completely numb but I can feel a little behind my teeth on the top left side and behind my teeth on the lower right side when I brush... odd to me it is opposite sides.  The left half of my tongue is about 50% numb and the right half feels completely normal.  So, between numbness in my lips and tongue, my speech remains unclear even with the splint gone.
DROOLING: Significantly better!  I have graduated from a wash cloth to a couple of tissues on hand at all times to catch drool that occasionally makes its way down my numb chin.  More often it is a problem after I have eaten or drink something.  Better is the fact I can make something for my kids to eat without drooling in it.  Still need a mirror to eat.
NOSEBLEEDS: Continue to be a daily occurrence... mostly after I am up and moving around.  The more I move the more often it happens... nothing too bad just enough to make sure you always have a tissue handy.  Happy to say no major bleeding issues since my aneurysm 2 weeks ago today.
ENERGY:  I would estimate myself to be at 75%.  Because I work with infants and toddlers... even if I could speak clearly, I would have a tough time getting through a whole day of work without sitting for several 15 minute breaks.  I am not napping during day but definitely feel like I have to pace myself... not sure if this is a result of having 2 surgeries in 3 weeks or if I would feel this way after having just the jaw surgery.
HIGHLIGHT:  I was told by 3 different/unrelated people this week, I look significantly younger... not sure if that is a result of my new jaw line/chin and residual swelling or that I am actually sleeping at night without affects of obstructive sleep apnea.

Thank you to those reading and commenting!



  1. Wow, you look amazing! Glad everything seems like it's progressing for you.

  2. Thank you Amanda! Yes, everything is going well. Looking forward to tomorrow when they are planning to take all the wires our and I immediately see my ortho to have surgical arch wires and hooks replaced with normal wires. Hoping to have more allowance with my diet. Hope you are well. How is your numbness?

  3. I'm sure your mouth will feel much better after your ortho visit! I'm actually, still numb. It doesn't really bother me. I actually have to stop and think about it. There is the slightest numbness in my lower lip and chin... barely noticeable. My upper lip still feels like there is numbness on the incision site, right were my lip meets my gums. It almost feels like there is a roll of cotton lining my upper lip. But it doesn't affect speaking or eating. My upper gums are probably the most numb of anything. But they really don't bother me. I don't care if that ever comes back, but I do hope my face is 100% at some point... who knows! I have an ortho appt today, I am crossing my fingers he'll take my expander out!

  4. Thank you so much! It is good to hear you have to think about the numbness before you answer :) Right now the numbness in my lower lip and chin are so prominent I find it hard to think of anything else .... I also feel the numbness in my lips are affecting my speech more so than the numbness in my mouth. I miss having a natural smile, I feel like "the Joker" when I smile. Upper lip is feeling better all the time... its my bottom lip and chin that feel just as numb today as they did after the surgery.

    Hope you get the expander out... I am having to wear the "mega momma" wire on top for another 6 weeks at least..hoping this keeps me from having to wear an expander myself.