Sunday, March 24, 2013

"You shouldn't have eaten rocks!"

This is what the Resident said to me when I had to go in Friday morning with a broken splint. Thursday evening my splint broke in half.

My response to said Resident was "No one told me I couldn't eat steak, no nuts, nothing was ever mentioned about rocks."   He laughed though I am not entirely sure he believed I was being sarcastic.. I truly wasn't eating rocks or anything on the "no eat list."   I simply call it "Divine intervention."  My friend Linda made this amazing chocolate chip cookie dessert... I took some of the under baked portion, put it into a glass of Almond milk to make it even more soft ... and "ate small bites"... no chewing was involved.. it melted in my mouth, I promise. 

Apparently splints do occasionally break.  They try to make splints as thin as possible in the front to make it easier to pass a spoon or tooth brush through... they also pre-drill small holes in it for the wires.. it broke at a pre-drilled hole in the front. Since my bite was as it should be and I was 5 days out of having the splint removed anyway, they did not put a new one in (good since I had just seen the cost break down and the splint itself cost $1000- thank God for insurance!-certainly wouldn't want to pay for a second)  However, there are still entirely too many wires in my mouth.  I am to go to my scheduled Tues appointment for the removal of all the other wires/metal and x-rays.

 I had planned to provide you with great before and after pictures of splint removal process.. now it is just a little less "wow!"
Broken Splint.  It broke in front at a weak spot.  4 weeks and 2 days post surgery.
After splint was removed this is the metal that remained.  Though my diet restrictions remained the same, it is much easier to get food into my mouth.  Speech is a little clearer as well. 

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  1. did you have to wear a metal headbrace? how long until you could go back to work and/or school?
    how long until you were able to use your mouth normally